I have always fancied trying my hand at wedding photography. I know a lot of pro-photographers say it is not 'real photography', that its a rat race, its just a production line etc. Well that may be true for many and I have seen some wedding photographs by so-called professionals that I would frankly be embarrassed to put my name to but I have to say if the opportunity presented itself to try this as an occupation I think it could be fun, flipping hard work, but fun. As with any occupation there will be times you think, 'oh not another one!' but that can be true of anything. The way I see it is that you have the opportunity to provide someone with a once only opportunity to record something which will (hopefully) be the most memorable day of their lives and how that is recorded and presented can make all the difference. Even in these days of HD video there is still (and always will be in my view) a place for wedding photographs and the limited foray I have made into this so far has been enjoyable (if not a little scary!).

I was asked to be the wedding photographer for my stepson David and his lovely bride Sadie in May 2012 and followed that with a little more at Matt and Becky's wedding in July 2012. Please note all photographs are copyright