My car's

Alfred at home in France

Still our favourite, Arfer is now enjoying a relaxing retirement back in Jersey (though he wasn't exactly stretched living in France for 3 years!)

New toy for Jersey (more recently re-registered to France) - this is my 'mid life crisis' car!! Alfred is an A210 Evolution (with AMG badging!)

and really rather splendid I think! Thats a 2.1l automatic in a car the size and weight of a shopping trolley..., yes he shifts!!

With the move to France and leaving 'Arfer' there for a couple of years it made sense to get a car for Jersey, this is 'Gilbert' who used to be owned by Gilbert o'Sullivan!

He was a leather lined C220 and about 17 years old but still very smooth and quite comfortable and I still see him around.

My absolutely superb Mercedes Benz A140 long wheel base semi-automatic, previous owner had it well spec'd and collected it from the factory in Germany!

He's on his 6th registration now (euro trade plates, UK private plate, UK normal plate, Jersey, France then Jersey again!), owned since late 2006 !

My old Mercedes Benz E220 automatic, an absolute grade A modern classic, smooth quiet and lovely to drive.

Mercedes Benz 190E 2.0 - my first Merc and an absolutely superb, solid, comfortable and fairly fast car, loved her dearly!

190E in use at a friends wedding with a very young Daniel

Another Luscombe line-up!! The day I collected the first Benz from North Devon, its parked next to the Citroen ZX14

The other cars are Dad's old Peugeot 405GL and his newer Toyota Avensis.

Citroen ZX14 Reflex

A bit of a 'eurobox' but comfortable if a little bland for a Citroen but I could maintain this one myself (unlike the Citroen BX I also looked at!)

Vauxhall Nova 1.2 Antibes

This was 'Ed'. More presence (sports kit) and in lovely condition, died of rust in the end I believe!

Vauxhall Nova 1.2L

This was 'Dudley' a good little car that got absolutely hammered day in day out for two years commuting Ivybridge to Exeter and seldom complained!

I love my car!! Near Teignmouth about 1989

My lovely Opel Manta! A friend had a Cavalier Sportshatch (a British copy of this) and I just had to get one, it was a bit of a 'love/hate relationship' though...,

when she went well I loved her, when she leaked, wouldn't start or the head gasket went yet again I hated her, but I'm glad I had her, especially for so long!

Vauxhall Nova 1.2 Swing from 1987 followed by Opel Manta 1.8 Berlinetta in 1988 and kept it until 1992 (both outside Mum and Dads old house)

Vauxhall Nova 1.2 Swing from 1987 followed by Opel Manta 1.8 Berlinetta in 1988 and kept it until 1992 (both outside Mum and Dads old house)

'Ruby' (christened by my Nan!) was found lurking unsold in the back of Teds Garage near the railway station in Newton Abbot one Saturday afternoon.

I really wanted (but couldn't afford) a Strada 105TC but this was a better bet, cheaper to insure and run and nicer to drive than the Metro!

Austin Metro 1.0 City and self with camera (again!!), about 1985 at Halton Quay and up on the moors near Ivybridge

He has hair!!!! Vauxhall Chevette 1256 L on first outing to Teignmouth in 1984 and on the drive at Mum and Dad's house in Ivybridge