Don't get ill (unless your British!)

Post date: Jul 7, 2011 2:10:09 PM

Cheers Jersey!! As a condition of obtaining a French mortgage we need to register with a local Doctor and potentially have a health check (gulp!). Only trouble is the French authorities don't regard us as EU citizens as we come from Jersey (and are still working for a Jersey company) not being part of the EU even though most of our lives have been spent paying into mainland UK tax and National Insurance. Apparently we would be okay if we were retired (no such luck!!) or had moved straight from England to France. Seems the Jersey factor is once again proving to be an issue but we'll get there. The French social security office in Morlaix couldn't really have been less helpful but mercifully their English speaking telephone inquiry line was quite the opposite and is sending us a batch of paperwork to fill out (deep joy!).