Dad's cars!

Here are some photos of Dad's old cars, and a few other interesting bits and pieces!

Left: Nice car, dodgy shorts c1970, looks like I liked photography even then!! Morris Mini Minor somewhere in the Tamar Valley in Cornwall, Above: Luscombe line up No.1 ! c1971 in Plymouth!

Left:Luscombe line up no.2, Minis of Dad and Mum, Grandpa, Uncle Hal and Aunty Kath, Aunty Susan at Lewtrenchard Manaor, Right: Dad's 'new' Mini Clubman c1972

Left: something a little bigger, Dad's Triumph 1300 in 1973 fording a stream, Right: Vauxhall Viva SL in about 1975 near Newton Abbot (the barns are holiday homes now)

1977 and the brand new Ford Fiesta 1100S, pictured with the outgoing Viva outside our old house in Newton Abbot and on the moors somewhere.

Left: How many people can you fit in a Fiesta on holiday? Five and two dogs! Right: Dad's outlandish 1979 Fiat Strada 65CL (looks like they both have beards!)

In a sudden burst of patriotism in late 1982 (Falklands fever!?!?) Dad 'bought British' and invested his hard earned in a brand new green Y reg Austin Metro 1300HL. It almost didn't make it onto this page at all as after 1 week it had been returned to the dealership where the gearbox had to be stripped down for a complete overhaul. A fairly animated exchange ultimately resulted in Dad getting a full refund and never buying a British car again! Probably appropriate this one which is similar is pictured in a garage!!

Left: the distinctly sporty 1981 Fiat 85TC superStrada with yours truly at the wheel!! Right: The impressive 1981 Vauxhall Cavalier SR (and private plate!)

Left: the 1986 Vauxhall Cavalier 1600 with Mum and my dear old Nan in the back. Right: a brace of Opel Manta's, Dad's 1985 2.0 GT/E and my 1986 Berlinetta

Left: and again outside our house in Ivybridge circa 1989 (he wasn't always in front!!), Right: the dissapointing MG Montego EFi in 1990

Left: the rather better put together Peugeot 405GL (with Mum and Dad's beloved dog Shadow), Right: and the teeny weeny Peugeot 106 in about 1993

Left: a newer Peugeot 405 GL c1999 at Dartmouth, still going even now I believe. Right: the Toyota Avensis Automatic at Mum and Dad's house

Left: and another one as the first one turned out to be quite good! (in Dorset) and the new Kia C'eed in Plymouth

My Mum and her Smart ForTwo known as 'Fred' after her beloved and sadly missed brother, Right - knobbly knees! My Dad and newer Kia C'eed

Never one to miss out on a good deal (!), Dad's latest 2013 model Cee'd in 'moody' black and white, also seen propping up my better half!

"I love my new car!!"

And in summer 2016 his new Kia Sportage

Unforeseen change in 2018 due to the need for an automatic and I'd say Dad's 'seen the light' and bought a rather nice low mileage Mercedes B180CDi