Beware the call centres!

Post date: Jan 31, 2017 11:56:44 AM

Recently we have been completely inundated, in fact plagued by nuisance calls (up to 10 a day usually). I have tried telling them not to ring, to tell me what they want in English, that I'm not interested, 'DO NOT CALL ME/NE M'APPELLE PAS" all to no avail. Also tried answering and saying nothing, letting the answer phone get it but it all just encourages them I'm afraid and they try even harder to get hold of you!

Orange suggested registering with which we have done (we shall see) or I can go ex-directory (at a price of course).

The usual profile is an initial call, long pause on answering then 'click beep beep beep'. Then a follow up call, long pause click and connected to a call centre (lots of background noise usually) and they WILL NOT speak to you in English, (apparently they are not allowed to) so instead they just hang up on you with no apology or anything. An hour or two later they will try again (presumably because their records are very poor or they think you may have taken a 'speak French evening class' in the hour or so since they last tried you! Very irritating especially when it is so often. Orange can only block numbers to mobiles but not on your landline even though we are using VOIP so we will just have to see how it pans out.

The offending numbers concerned are these:

033257840199 (main offender - 6-8 times a day normally)




09??????????? - hasn't called for a couple of days!