Survival kit!

Post date: May 5, 2011 3:29:56 PM

Wow! France Telecom / initially take a little while to sort out but in their very great favour have an english speaking service (courteous AND helpful). So we now have phone (unlimited free calls to landlines), broadband (fast and stable) and our TV (including some bi-lingual programming and a handful of British channels) all through a wire! Unfortunately out TV is about 3 years old so despite being a modern LCD flat screen can't actually be used to surf the net otherwise we could watch online TV as well, though we can at least look at photos, listen to music and watch videos saved on the computer. What we can do is watch iplayer, itvplayer, 4 o/d etc on the computer. Your not supposed to be able to but have been tipped off to a pretty clever site which gives you a temporary, UK based IP address so 'tricks' the system into thinking you are in the UK and allows you to watch the latest programmes. J is thoroughly enjoying the latest series of Bargain Hunt!!! That and an English bookshop has opened in the village so its almost like being in Blighty!

PS. We have a claim to fame, some of the local expats were going to the Brittany Pub in the square to watch the Royal Wedding last week so we joined in. There was even a camera crew there from France 1 and lo-and behold we ended up seeing ourselves on the local TV news after the Wedding had finished.