M-zero the UK shack

January 2023 and at last we have the house in Cornwall! It's rapidly heading towards 12 months since leaving France but its good to finally be here and work has started on the new shack.

This is going to take some time of course and will be 'work in progress' for a while.

Radios are of course (left to right) currently (though not as i write this wired in or connected to aerials!

Yaesu FC-102 ATU, FT-1000 mp mark V, President Jackson series 1, Fidelity 2000, Yaesu FT-707 (x2), Yaesu FT-736r, Yaesu FT-480r, Microwave Modules linear amplifiers (x2)...., out of view is the Icom IC-251e and Yaesu FRG-8800).

Work in progress! More to follow.