Expat tips!

Post date: Apr 28, 2011 9:29:25 AM

Tax matters still need sorting out but the recommendations we have had from the locals have been, don't worry about 'habitation tax' until next year, it won't apply until 1st January in any case if you move in during the year, income tax is payable on key dates during the year and at present the tax office will be chasing up last years tax payments so are really not too bothered yet about this years as apparently its payable retrospectively, just make sure you have the money available to pay it when it becomes due!

In the meantime we now have internet TV courtesy of Orange.fr which seems to work pretty well and a good many programmes are available in English as well as French though you don't know if it has English available until its actually on!! The TV decoder will connect to the PC so you can view photos, videos and listen to your iTunes music but so far we have not succeeded in linking in to iPlayer and the like for UK channels though there must surely be a way. More digging and research of the internet into the small hours likely to be needed on that one though at least we have sorted out access to UK only websites with a temporary IP address. All clever stuff! Where there's a will there's a way!!