The shack in France - F4VPJ

Something like the radio shack will always be 'work in progress' but things are as well organised and in place as they can be at the moment so it seemed like a good opportunity to record the current arrangement which also serves as a useful 'stocktake' exercise! On the window frame are some of the cameras as well!

December 2019 and yet further changes saw the sale of a number of older and no longer required items (the pictures below will now be out of date) and the addition of the new (to me) Yaesu FT736r for VHF/UHF as part of an ongoing upgrade. More will follow just as soon as we are here long enough to do some aerial rigging and the like! 2020 of course turned out to be a non-starter, 2021 threatens similar until we are all vaccinated I suspect.

As this is the 'home office' as well it is set up as a workstation with iMac as primary work machine and a PC for the 'other stuff' that doesn't run as smoothly on the Mac! the main machines are now on properly installed and easily movable pivot screen mountings to free up desk space as well as make the 'user interface' work better. The PC runs HRD for rig control on the FT1000MPV, IC7000BKT for the Icom IC7000 and also copies of 817-mem and FT817 commander. Maybe its me but amateur radio software for Mac just isn't up to much, PC's are of course more widely used. Worth remembering though that all the software I'm using is well out of date being of the same generation as each of the radios.

The 'top deck' comprises the ex MJ0SIT Icom IC-7000 and my trusty old Yaesu FT-707 and FT-747GX, then the Fidelity 2000 (CEPT and MPT1320 FM) and the first generation President Jackson with Turner JM+2/U microphone. (The Icom IC-3200e and Yaesu FT-747GX have now been sold!).

Former long term install Icom IC-251e and IC-451e for VHF and UHF on FM and SSB are now stored and may be sold, to be decided!

Also the excellent Yaesu FT-1000MP mark V for HF.

Also the roll top desk which currently houses the Icom IC-251e, (when I bring it over from Jersey where it normally lives) the Yaesu FRG-8800, the Microwave Modules MML144/30-LS, finally the Yaesu FT-290R.