Jersey Amateur Radio Society

I had the dubious honour of being the club secretary for the Jersey Amateur Radio Society (late 2007 to 2012) and also produced their newsletter for a time which I will try and make available here if technology permits. Any problems with download or if you want more information on the club or amateur radio generally please contact me at mj0rzd 'at' (substitute @ for 'at').

The Jersey Amateur Radio Society homepage can be found at the followimng link:

NOTE: I am no longer actively involved with the radio club because of personal commitments but I continue to be happy to publicise the club and to help wherever I can. By all means contact me if you need any information and I will be pleased to pass your enquiry on to the club or just click the link above.

The club can also be contacted by email at

The club is located at the the Old German Signal Station at La Moye and we are always pleased to see visitors. The club website is unfortunately no longer available..

The following are a few images from the club and club nights! These can be downloaded but please credit GJ3DVC and the Jersey Amateur Radio Society who retain the rights and ownership of the images.