New DMR radio

The trusty Yaesu FTM-10 was sold in late 2021 and the proceeds used to fund a new VHF/UHF digital mobile radio, the TYT-9600 seen here.

The new radio has been pressed into service initially in the flat in Jersey while I learn how to 'drive' the new technology (seen sitting rather well on the much older and more traditional Yaesu FRG-7700 communications receiver). I'll be the first to admit I have much to learn here with code plugs and dialing into talk groups and other repeaters but I'm looking forward to trying it all. More will doubtless follow in due course.

Programming the new DMR rig sounded reasonably straightforward, less so in practice! The programming disk was only for a PC so no good using the iMac, borrowed a pensioned off Windows 10 laptop from the office which ran the programming software fine but wouldn't connect to the radio and none of the drivers seemed to work. After much rummaging i found my slightly arthritic and wizzened over 15 year old Windows XP laptop, had to use a slightly older version of the software which has a couple of bugs but connected up to the radio and handles the programming just fine! Started with some 'easy wins' programming some simplex frequencies and analogue repeaters and now its time to get busy programming some of the more adventurous DMR repeaters and talkgroups!