Yaesu FTM-10R

When living in Jersey I was regularly using 2 meter FM to chat to the locals, expecially Mike 2J0SZI, Chris 2J0CMB and Mike GJ0PDJ and this would usually be when out and about for work in the car or to and fro to the radio club on a club night. The FTM10r came out in about 2009 and really fitted the bill for hands free communication as you could specify it with a bluetooth module and matching bluetooth headset. The radio itself is excellent and can actually be used without the bluetooth having a built in microphone in the radio head unit but does seem susceptible to a strange 'wooshing' noise which is usually reported as winscreen wiper noise! This often prompted comments such as 'why have you got your wipers on, its a sunny day?!'

Strange noises aside (!!) the radio is an excellent little mobile unit and has now seen a lot of years service across three cars and has never missed a beat. The main radio is a metal clad unit that can be bolted to the floor under the drivers seat (in my case) and acts as a heatsink (no cooling fan is fitted) with a remote lead to the head unit which can be mounted on a plastic bracket or, in my case, with a magnet to a metal plate fitted to the car dashboard. This works well as it is easy to remove and can be stowed out of sight, usually on part of the seat frame (its a strong magnet). The radio has a slightly difficult to understand means of programming for memory channels but is blessed with a very useable fast scan function so it fairly romps through the memory channels stopping for a few seconds on a busy channel the unit using an adjustable automatic squelch. The rig puts out plenty of power too (5/20/50 watts) so when linked to a 5/8 wave mobile antenna it gets you heard!

The FTM10r is no longer a new radio but still performs really well and whilst there are newer bluetooth radios this one is so compact and just 'works' it is highly recommended. Only downside I have found is the Yaesu bluetooth headset is slightly bulky and includes an ear loop which soon breaks and can no longer be replaced! I've had two and now need to scour the eBay small ads for a replacement but I suspect I may have to build something myself! On the upside, when the headset can be used it can be re-charged simply by plugging in to the radio head unit on the dashboard, good thinking Yaesu!

73 de MJ0RZD