The Kenwood TS-450S

I bought the TS-450s in about 2010 from a silent key sale in Jersey and it has been my back up radio to the FT-1000 mkV since though 'criminally under-used' for such a capable radio!! Anyway the wish to free up some assets and buy a new day to day camera (the Olympus E-3) prompted some action and this was placed on good old eBay. This prompted a lot of interest (from all over the world!!) but ended up going to South Wales in late 2014, hopefully it will get the use it richly deserves.

EBay description when sold:

Kenwood TS-450S HF amateur radio transceiver in excellent used condition, fully tested and working. This has been my back up radio to the FT1000 mkV for the last three years but since taking the FT857 out of the car this is surplus to requirements. Bought X years ago from an SK sale in Jersey and has had only light use since.

In terms of condition all switches and knobs work smoothly and are dirt/crackle free, labels are all clear and legible, there is a slight scratch to the top bezel which is plastic and in no way affects the operation of the radio.

The rig has all of the HF bands from 1.8Mhz to 30Mhz including WARC bands and gives it's rated 100 watts when connected to a properly tuned antenna (I used to use a 5BTV). Please note this radio is NOT the 50Mhz model and doesn't include the Antenna tuner though there is a switch for it so I guess an ATU could be fitted retrospectively. The radio comes with the power lead, its original hand mic plus a spare (though the 'down' key on the spare doesn't seem to work (perhaps a dirty connection), also the superb MC-60 cardioid dynamic (desk) mic but I'm afraid this lacks the stand (always planned to build a boom out of an old angle-poise but never got around to it!). The radio has its original manual and circuit diagram.