Yaesu FT-290r - welcome back!

The Yaesu FT290r is kind of where my whole interest in amateur radio started I suppose. Way back in the early 1980's I had started out with CB radio but pretty soon realised its shortcomings and wanted to take the RAE to get licensed which at that time would have meant getting a G8 (or 'jaight') license for using radio frequencies at 2m / 145MHz and above. That seemed a bit limiting in a way, if only I had realised the fun that could be had QRP with a homebrew beam from a hilltop! Anyway at the time what I really aspired to was a Yaesu FT290r like the one you see here but it took a good few years before I finally got one in about 2008! Well the trusty 290 has had a lot of use over the intervening years and has spent the last 2 or 3 years sat sulking in a cupboard with a fading out display. Taking some radios to James M1APC in Cornwall in 2018 prompted some action and it was duly passed to him in the hope of obtaining a (very rare) replacement digital display. Well once again James has come up trumps and has been able to repair and realign the radio as well as fit a Mutek pre-amp I was lucky enough to obtain via good old eBay and get fitted at the same time! I can't wait for it to arrive back here and for the summer lift/tropo season to get under way to give the radio a good airing once more! It'll be like falling through a timewarp back into the 1980's somehow!!