Language woes (and tax!)

Post date: Apr 26, 2011 2:08:33 PM

One common issue we keep finding is how woefully inadequate we feel not speaking the language. We have started over with Michel Thomas which does at least explain conversational French in a way that we can understand and makes it make sense. J is persevering with the local 'babble' group but I am only to well aware that I can't really blag 2 hours out of my home office on a Tuesday afternoon so for the time being she will continue going and I'll try to keep up as best I can from her experiences! We really need to sort it though. I am sure (and know) a lot of expats are not too bothered with learning but that's not our take on it, especially ringing someone up and 'Parlez vous Francais?' is met with a curt 'Non!!' That was the response when trying to sort out an appointment with an accountant and tax adviser recommended to us and similar when trying to get in touch with the local tax office. Mind you that could turn out to be just as incomprehensible as the tax office in Jersey ultimately so we'll just have to reserve judgement on that one!!