Leaving France

A sad time I'm afraid. Brexit has clearly had an affect and compounded the last two years of travel restrictions and hardly being able to spend any time in our lovely French home. We had pretty much decided that in three years time when the mortgage ends we would probably sell the house and relocate back to Cornwall where the family are. Christmas 2021 whilst staying in Cornwall and we just thought 'what are we waiting for'?! The state of the property market in the UK with ever increasing house prices meant we could soon find ourselves priced out of the market! The house in Brittany is worth only marginally more now than we paid for it eleven years ago and that is pretty much just a reflection of the work we have done to the place! So the decision was made and the masterplan put in place to get things under way for the move out of France.

So it was that we set about marketing the house for sale in March, spoke to Christine our agent on Monday, she phoned on Wednesday to say someone was interested, she came back at 10.45am on Friday, the French lady who was interested came at 11am, the deal was done by 11.45am!! Wow....., thats some going! A cash purchaser as well and oh boy did things move quickly! And ao we ended up with a removal date in May 2022. We found a really good and helpful UK based removal company run by Gary who helped us tremendously, especially with sorting out the seemingly inpenetrable UK import regulations now Brexit is in place but fortunately saved us a small fortune in import duty. Everything is now in storage in North Devon just up the road from the area we will be lookimg for our new home.

Aerial (UAV) image of Huelgoat (above) is gratefully reproduced with the permission of Sebastien Frey - immobilier.

As I said at the beginning, a sad time. We will miss our home in France tremendously, we had 11 years the majority of which was good and had the house just how we wanted it pretty much though it would have soon needed some pretty comprehensive redecoration but we gather the new owner has that well in hand.

So farewell Huelgoat, we will miss you but this isn't goodbye, just 'au revoir' as we will definitely be visiting again, we have friends there and it would be nice to be visitors to enjoy a holiday there rather than always be working.

RL - May 2022