VHF/UHF with Icom

At long last the VHF/UHF part of the shack has been commissioned and now works via a pretty big dual band vertical collinear for FM up on the gable at the front of the house here in 'belle France'; next project is to get the SSB part of the two bands working with a recently gifted 9 element VHF Yagi which is to be modified/upgraded for 70cms as well (yes I know!! :-). You can buy such a beast but I have found some info online to build/modify for that level of functionality using just one feeder (run to a rig switch indoors for these two radios).

Well the local VHF repeaters are a bit on the quiet side but I suppose I should be getting on with work after all !!! It is nice to get these two old campaigners working though; the VHF IC-251e is teamed up with a Microwave Modules MML144/100S linear and I had better keep my eyes peeled for the matching or a similar unit for the UHF IC-451e I guess.

Neither of the old Icom's is particularly user friendly for FM repeater use especially if scanning (three memories on each!) but they were always intended more as SSB DX radios I suppose so prospective plan is to set up a dual band 2m/70cms beam or horizontally stacked antenna I saw a pretty neat set of instructions for; just need to find the time to 'tinker'!

It would be nice to go for the Icom 'hat trick' with a matching IC-551 (already have a suitable beam antenna) but they are pretty rare animals these days though I did see a 'mint' example for sale in the USA but it was kind of pricey.